Crema degli Angeli

Crema degli Angeli is our queen: a classic, soft and light crème. Its natural flavor is the reminiscent of authentic recipe. It is born long time ago, thanks to grandma Lucrezia’s craftsmanship, founder of the Gelateria, and uncle Rocco: they have perfected their great-grandparents’ tested recipe. Preparing it requires very complex processes and a long period of rest: we need to make it in the morning to taste it in the evening. It is made with fresh egg yolks, cooked and gently mixed, there’s no alcohol in, but only natural flavors. A perfect match with any flavors. Try it with fresh strawberries!

Gran Crema Paradiso

Gran Crema Paradiso is a greatclassic on Pina Gel’smenu. Its specific organolepticcharacteristicsare unmistakable! It is creamy and full-bodied, recognizable to its sweet and crispy taste, due to a faster cooking, with a hint of Limoncino.

Crema Delizia

It’s kind of hard to find it, since it is made a few times a year. Crema Delizia is characterized by a strong taste of Limoncino which gives it a captivating flavor.

Crema al Rosmarino selvatico del Gargano (Garganic wild Rosemary cream, ma io lascerei in italiano)

Crema al Rosmarinoselvatico del Gargano is one of the last news on our menu. It’s a slow infusion of rosemary. It’s kind of hard to find it, since it is made a few times a year. It is distinguished by its fresh and Mediterranean flavor. After you taste it, it leaves a particularly aromatic taste.


It is among the most classic and the most required tastes. It is made with Piedmontese hazelnut PGI (Protected Geographical Indication).


Gianduiotto is the backbone of our gelateria. It is always present, because it is irreplaceable! We can’t forget our award for “Best Gianduiotto” won in Torino, thanks to Uncle Rocco’s recipe. This is the result of the perfect combination of Piedmontese hazelnut PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and cocoa. You have got to try it.


Unique. Its taste is delicious. Bacio is a Gianduja cream with crunchy Piedmontese hazelnut PGI (Protected Geographical Indication).


It is a cocoa paste without added sugar, sweetened thanks to milk. Its smell makes it unique. Little known fact, we started making Chocolate only in the mid-90s, for many years Pina Gel Gelateriaproposed only Gianduiotto taste.

Dark Chocolate 75%

In 2014, for the first time, we started making Dark Chocolate, without milk. It is like a sorbet, bitter and strong but not aggressive.


It is born from the selection of the best Italian almonds.


Torronita made the history of our Gelateria. It is not the ordinary nougat, but much more. Inside it, you’ll find a mixture of hazelnuts, almonds, nuts and pistachios. It is loaded with honey that make it unique of its kind.

Noce di Sorrento (Sorrento nut)

Its characteristic is the intense aroma. It is destined for those who enjoys gelato as much as we do. It’s kind of hard to find it, since it is made a few times a year.


Pistachio has undergone many changes over time. Now, it is made with the best Pistachio of BrontePDO (Protected Designations of Origin).


Stracciatella is a classicchocolate chip gelato.

Stracciatella al Pistacchio di Bronte DOP

In 2011, Pina Gel Gelateria made Stracciatella al Pistacchio di Bronte DOP. In less than two years, Stracciatella al Pistacchio di Bronte DOP quickly rose to the top of the most beloved tastes. Inside it, you’ll find pieces of pistachios, little sprikles of pistachios and praline of pistachios that make it crunchy.

Stracciatella d’arance amare del Gargano (Orange Stracciatella, ma io lascerei in italiano)

In 2014, to mark 30 yearssince Pina Gel Gelateria wasborn, we made Stracciatella d’arance amare del Gargano. It is not simply a gelato, but a real dessert. How is it made? It is a milk-based cream with an orange jam, garnished with dark chocolate-coated candied orange peel. We recommend matching it up with Dark Chocolate.

Vanilla and Cinnamon

Bourbon Vanilla and Sri Lankan Vanilla…always a victorious mix! Try it with some exotic fruit salad.


Slightly acid, we recommend matching it upwith fruit-flavored gelato, especially with Red Fruits, Strawberry and Garganic Black Cherry.

Fior di Latte (Milk Flower)

Pina Gel Gelateria proposes a variant on the classic recipe with the addition of fresh cream (non-vegetable origin).


The first bit it will go to heaven, it probably feels like you have a cup of real espresso. We recommend matching it upwith whipped cream or Milk Flower.


In honor of the famous Amaretto, we made this intense and fragrant crème. Inside it, you’ll findunmistakable almonds… Try it with a classic flavor.


It is a classic flavor but it’s kind of hard to find it, since it is made with a lot of ingredients and it requires a lot of labor. It is totally gluten-free.


It is a famous recipe from Sicilia. It is made with ricotta and candied fruit. Ask for advice on how best to match it.

Crostata di Ricotta

It is made with ricotta and chocolate chips with the addition of candied fruit. It differs from Cassata thanks to the addition of cinnamon. It’s a very complex and pleasing taste so you have to match it carefully. Ask for advice.

Fior di Ceci

In 2015 we made it for the first time. It is based on an ancient recipe, our grandmothers used to make it during Christmas time. We make it unique by the addition of cinnamon, chocolate, orange peel and cloves. It is must-taste!

Torta di Mele (Apple Pie)

The authentic taste of a traditional apple pie, with pieces of selected apples…only for who appears to possess discerning palates!

Limone del Gargano (Garganic Lemon)

It is the king of ourfruit-flavored gelatos. Since it is made without milk, it is like a sorbet. Pina Gel Gelateria chooses only local lemons (from Peschici’s, Calenella’s, Vico’s and Rodi’s fields), We make our gelato only with natural and untreated lemon. Lemon juice is cold-pressed since 2016.

Mandarino del Gargano (Garganic Tangerine)

It is born in 2015. Even if it is a winter fruit, you can find it during summer.


You can find it from March till the end of June. It’s a classic taste, really appreciated by both children and adults. It is made with pureed strawberries without added milk.

Red Fruits

Inside it you’ll find different fruits: blackberries, ribes, cranberry, strawberries and black cherry. Try it with Yogurt.


We could never last a whole summer without a fresh melon. It is very sweet as a real Cantaloupe melon.


We choose the raw material according to season.So you we’ll find different peach varieties…all equally tasty.

Albicocca del Gargano (GarganicApricot)

Among the local flavors, you’ll find Garganic Apricot.We choose the raw material according to season, so you can find it only during the summer.

Pera Ischitella (Ischitella’sPear)

This is a local pear variety with a red and yellow peel, really small. It is crunchy and gritty with a white flesh.

Pera Marchese (Marchese Pear)

Pera Marchese differs from the first one in three respects: it is much bigger than the first one, it has a yellow peel and its flesh is softer and sweeter. Try it with Chocolate!

Fichi Gentili (Gentili Fig)

Our amazing land give us Gentili figs. They are smaller and sweeter than the classic fig with an unmistakable white flesh. Try it!

Fichi Uccellini (Uccellini Fig)

Alternatively, you can find Uccellini figs: they are much smaller and much sweeter than the classic fig with an unmistakable red flesh. Try it!

Gelsi del Gargano (bianchi o neri) (GarganicMulberries)

From May to July, you can enjoy this amazing and old-fashioned gelato made with local mulberries. But be carefully: only who appears to possess discerning palates appreciates.

More selvatiche del Gargano (Garganic wild Blackberries)

If Lemon is the king of ourfruit-flavored gelatos, Garganic wild Blackberries (oppure in italiano a seconda di cosadecidete) is the queen. It is made with freshly harvested blackberries from Umbra’s Forest. You can find it from July to September.




Amarena del Gargano (Garganic Black Cherry)

Its acidulous taste and its natural red are unmistakable. It’s kind of hard to find it, since our local black cherry are increasingly rare.